How to enter

Quick Guide

STEP 1: Read the Rules


Absolutely nothing can be entered that has not been approved and that has not been commercially published, launched or aired.

STEP 2: Check the Categories & Fees

Make sure you enter your work in the correct categories and check the entry fees. The AMASA Awards will endeavour to move entries to more appropriate categories during entry processing and prior to judging.

However it remains your responsibility. During judging the Jury are not allowed to move entries between categories.

STEP 3: Entry Preparation

Each category has different information that needs to be captured, including supporting media and documents, and an required online entry site.

Please check the entry form and rules to ensure you’re ready to upload your entry.

STEP 4: Submit your entry online

  1. Create a new entry. Click on Submit Entry and choose New Entry. Then choose the category that you would like to enter your work into.
  2. Enter the details of your entry, including a description and credits. IMPORTANT: you can save your incomplete Entry Form at any point and return at a later stage.
  3. You will have the option to upload and add media to your entries during this process (video files, audio files, jpegs). You can also add media at a later stage.
  4. Before payment you have the opportunity to review your entries . You can also Edit, Delete or Add entries at this point. 
  5. Once you have created and checked your entries, you can proceed to payment. Payments can only be made by Bank Transfer.
  6. You can log back into the system at any stage after payment to review your entries in the Manage Entries section. You will be able to Add and Finalise Media and print out any forms and invoices as well as edit credits and descriptions.

STEP 5: Upload digital media and supporting documents

All electronic media and documentation must be uploaded via the entry system.


If you need help at any stage, call us on 011 772 1220/5 or send an email to